Y’all!!!! I am so excited to be sharing with y’all an exciting announcement.

If you don’t know, Wofford College is based on a January term system which is something I really wanted in a college because then I’d have the opportunity to do a bunch of random unexpected things. January term, which we call Interim, is meant for students to travel, take on another internship or stay on campus and complete a random, fun class. These experiences range from learning how to be a professional wrestler, (yeah that’s a real thing) to a cross-country road trip to a unique experience abroad.

I’ve taken Spanish now for four years and love it. My Spanish professor this past semester sent me a link to a scholarship offered by my school. I applied, I’m a “yes girl” which means literally any opportunity that ends up in my inbox I say yes to. A curse and a blessing. Anyways. 4 essays and forms later the words “Congratulations…” ended up in my inbox.

So where will I be spending Interim?!

On January 1st I will be on a plane to…..

Valparaiso, Chile!

It is a city known for their beaches and an incredible, incredible art scene. I will be doing a full immersion program: that means I’m not traveling with anyone else from my school & will be living with a host family in the city while taking classes at the university. Excited is an absolute understatement! Having a full month to explore a place with such rich history and outdoor art on my own is going to be absolutely crazy and I cannot wait.

Stay tuned…