It is finals week at Wofford!!! Always a great time. My week isn’t as crazy as some of my friends as I have two papers due and two written tests so it isn’t as awful as it could be. However last night I sat on the phone with my mom and was reflecting on my stress. I was trying to figure out what really has kept me afloat and one big thing was my quiet time. In high school, I began journaling and somehow, not sure really how I’ve been able to keep that going. I’ve treasured my journals throughout high school and in my time here at Wofford I’ve filled up almost six little happy books.

I’ve explained this before: I don’t ever want to be pushy about faith-based content. But in the spirit of writing my truth, I want to write about what I care about and I care about my faith. I genuinely pray and HOPE I do not sound like some Bible-thumping southern preacher. I’m not here be hypocritical wacko, just trying to do my thing as best as I can and share it.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way.

Quiet time in college, I’ve learned is ESSENTIAL. I am constantly surrounded by people, of whom I love, but I’m surrounded. My calendar is typically scheduled down to the minute and I treasure every second I spend here, however, I definitely have seen the need for absolute quiet time. I’ve found this time through daily journaling and bible study, but I can say it looks different for everyone. My roommate and I both really love journaling so it’s not uncommon to find both of us at night tucked in bed with our happy little notebooks. I’m not a fan of resting: I don’t like watching Netflix or being lazy, but intentional rest? I can do that.

So how have I done it?

I start my time typically before my Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes or after my Tuesday Thursdays and if I can’t then I’ll do them at night. That way I get a little pause in the morning while drinking my coffee and eating my pumpkin bread to sit down and have a few quiet moments. Then I’ll title my page in my journal, reflect on anything that’s bothering me and then begin my study routine.

I fell in love with She Reads Truth studies back in high school and have come up with the same sort of studying process that I use today. I follow SRT intensely and really love their studies (I even bought one of their bibles this past year) because they give you the scripture which I read and interpret at my own pace and then a devotional reading which I always end with. The entire website is free (app and study books are not) and they also have a men’s version which some of my guy friends are doing! This month we are doing an advent study which I love but in the past, I have done a study through Lent, Hebrews, Isaiah, Hosea, Ester, Psalms, Ruth and those are just a few I can remember!!

I write and underline key things in my bible but then elaborate more on them in my journal. However, one way I’ve improved this study time is by using an inductive method I learned at my campus bible study which has really changed how I do it.  I’ve put it all into a handy graphic that I now actually keep this graphic on my phone to always have on hand!

In short that’s how I do it! It can take as long or as short as I want it to but I really savor the 45 to an hour that I prioritize for it. I’ve been asked in college how I’ve been able to do it so consistently but it really comes down to my priorities. I don’t find rest in watching Netflix or scrolling through social media. But authentic podcasts, discussions over coffee with friends and quiet moments journaling are things I definitely love. I also have kept my bible/journal with me at the bottom of my bag in case anything falls through. I’ve found that it’s much easier to prioritize the things I keep with me daily. So if I’m out studying at a coffee shop and have fifteen minutes to just relax and read I’ll be able to do that!

Obviously I know these methods don’t work for everyone but I hope this can be of some encouragement to someone! I’d love to hear if anyone has any tips or if anyone is doing SRT Advent!

–  Mags